In 2009, the Chinese government released the new energy vehicle demonstration operation plan, which started the germination of domestic power battery industry.

In the same year, inspired by the design concept of super capacitor, we set up a R&D team of series 60 batteries. There was no technical reference or reference at that time, we grope, try again and again. Finally, it was successfully developed and mass produced. Bring the large format cylindrical battery production into a new milestone industry height.

Today, we set up Shuangfuxing technology, dedicated to promote the lithium-ion battery application in EV, construction machinery and ESS, etc.


Shuangfuxing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded

Times United New Energy Co., Ltd. was founded

About Us

Shuangfuxing Technology was founded in 2021, is a leading provider of green energy systems.

Relying on the R&D strength of Time United company, based on high safety series 60 cylindrical batteries, has produced high safety, high quality lithium battery pack products.

We uphold the corporate philosophy of "quality changes life, innovation rich service", to connect employees, customers and partners closely, unite the power of the masses to make life better.